The Bush Soul (#3)  


Emergence Software Design Overview 


The Emergence Engine:
A Behavior Based Agent
Development Environment
for Artists (postscipt) (Deployed Application Award IAAI2000)
Abstract: The Bush Soul

The Bush Soul:
Traveling Consciousness
in an Unreal World

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The Bush Soul (#1)
The Bush Soul (#2)
The Bush Soul (#3)
The Bush Soul (#3)RealVideo


Rebecca Allen
The Emergence Team

Emergence is partially funded by a
grant from the
Intel Corporation.

"Emergence" is a PC-based software system, designed for the creation of interactive art. In this system, three dimensional, computer generated environments and autonomous, animated characters are displayed in real-time. People who enter this world are represented as "avatars".

Through a scripting language one can utilize techniques of Artificial Life to specify behaviors and relationships between characters and objects. This system allows for the creation of muliparticipant virtual worlds that are "alive", responsive and interactive. Complex social environments can evolve from the interaction of simple behaviors.

Additional animation and sounds such as voice, music or ambient effects can be attached to objects and characters in the environment. Activities and events emerge, including performances and non-linear stories and music, depending on the relationships and interactions between the avatar and the artificial life forms.

With this system, we are experimenting with forms of communication that rely on symbolic gestures, movements and behaviors. The focus is on the "life" of the virtual environment. Through the avatar a person enters a world that encourages exploration, participation and the development of relationships.

"Emergence" provides the opportunity to explore the role of artificial life and human presence in the creation of an art form which includes the interactive experience.
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